Cause And Effect

As he does on everything, Porno Pete LaBarbera gets it all wrong about Meredith Baxter’s coming out.

Every homosexual “coming out” is a tragedy. Baxter became a lesbian, and is now in a seven-year sexually immoral relationship with another woman, following three failed marriages to men that produced five children. (Is her lesbianism a pitiable retreat after failed relationships with men?) The wrongness of her homosexual relationship (from a biblical, truthful perspective) is not mitigated by the current politically-correct zeitgeist that would extend respect and “civil rights” to deviant behavior condemned by God. Moreover, Baxter is living proof that people can change from heterosexuals to homosexuals, so how can “gay” fanatics like Wayne Besen continue to deny that the reverse can occur?

Aside from the obvious chance that she may have been a bisexual all her life and just now happens to be in a public relationship with a woman, Porno Pete deliberately ignores the more likely truth: Meredith Baxter didn’t “become” a lesbian because she failed with men. She failed with men because she’s a lesbian.