Wingnut Campaign Against JMG, Day 2

Today Peter LaBarbera took his baseless claims of “terrorist threats” by JMG readers to World Net Daily, the nation’s most widely-read conservative site, which reposted lengthy excerpts from JMG readers, accompanied by more inane changes from LaBarbera and Matt Barber.

A homosexual blogger passed off as a “joke” a suggestion by a contributor to his website that there might be church bombings because of Christians’ refusal to support the homosexual lifestyle. But several individuals named in the column are taking the threat seriously. “That is what Fort Hood teaches us,” said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, referring to the attack on the Texas Army base by a Muslim officer that killed 13 people and wounded 28. LaBarbera was cited by name in the postings on the “joemygod” website run by homosexual advocate Joe Jervis. “When people are talking about violence to pro-family proponents, you have to take it seriously,” LaBarbera said.

LaBarbera and Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel, who also is an active supporter of biblical marriage, confirmed to WND they notified authorities of the threats. “The First Amendment gives you the right of free speech but it does not grant the right to claim you have a bomb in your luggage at the airport, it doesn’t give you the right to claim you have a bomb in a movie theater,” Barber said. “It doesn’t protect saying you’ll shut up these Christians up by strapping bombs [on] and blowing up churches.” [snip] LaBarbera said it is ironic in the wake of the “hate crimes” law signed by President Obama that provides special protections to homosexuals that attacks immediately began targeting Christians. “It seems the more the gay movement achieves, the more hostile the activists become toward religious people,” LaBarbera said. “They know the religious and moral people are the last impediment to their full agenda.”

Obviously, this entire campaign is based on three things. First, it’s transparent payback from Labarbera and Barber for my post encouraging you to attend their annual dinner and my post encouraging you to review Barber’s book of reprinted columns on Amazon. Secondly, it’s a way to deflect attention from LaBarbera and Barber’s lionizing of Miss Ladyfingers USA, whom they relentlessly held up as virginal victim of homo hate. And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, this campaign against JMG is an attempt by LaBarbera to gain “victim cred” amongst the Christian right after they shunned and denounced him during the final days of Maine’s Yes On 1 drive.

RELATED: Yes, I am aware of the phony “pro-gay’ comments coming in on some posts, some of which advocate violence against Christians. Clearly, LaBarbera and/or his supporters are attempting to plant “evidence” for the FBI. I am recording the IP addresses for all of these as I delete them. Please email me at [email protected] anytime you find one.