Tuesday: NY State Senate Marriage Vote?

NY Gov. David Paterson is calling the state Senate back to Albany on Tuesday for a special session during which he will demand a vote on marriage equality. The Empire State Pride Agenda asks all New Yorkers to immediately contact their senators and demand their support.

We now need to make sure that the State Senate takes action on the marriage equality bill when they return on Tuesday. It is time for the State Senate to give the marriage bill the respectful debate and vote that New Yorkers have been asking for since the Assembly passed the bill in May. We’ve waited long enough. Now more than ever it is important that you call your State Senator and tell them that you expect a vote on marriage equality when they return to Albany. Let your Senator know that you’re done waiting. The time is now for all families in New York to be treated equally.

Use this form to contact your New York state Senator. Do it now.

RELATED: This Sunday, November 8th, Western Queens for Marriage Equality will have a rally and candlelight vigil outside the office of state Sen. George Onorato at 5PM. Facebook page here. Call Onorato’s office during business hours to demand his support: 518-455-3486.