NEM Co-Directors Resign In Controversy Over Future Of Equality Across America

National Equality March co-directors Kip Williams and Robin McGehee have resigned from Equality Across America as the future of the new activism group becomes cloudy. Bil Browning at the Bilerico Project reports:

EAA founder Cleve Jones confirmed that both activists had stepped down from their leadership positions. Everyone involved agreed that the parting of ways resulted from concerns about financial security and the leadership of the new organization. “We’re still not sure this is a viable organization,” Jones said. “It’s still not clear to me that EAA is going to happen yet. There needs to be a working group to take EAA forward. I’ll be inviting [the March’s] steering committee and executive committee members to participate.” Executive committee members elected Tanner Efinger as the interim Project Director responsible for the org’s legal contracts with the Tide Foundation. Underlying tensions in the committees, however, have many frustrated activists at the breaking point as various factions vie for control of the organization’s leadership.

Kip Williams tells Browning that he resigned partially due to financial reasons, having worked for EAA for minimum wage without health insurance.