A Moment Of Light At DC’s Hate Rally

Now THIS will give you a smile. When the guy hired to provide the sound system for yesterday’s Power Rangers For Jeebus hate rally in DC found out what his customers stood for, he donated his fee back to the gay activists counter-protesting the event and even let them use the haters’ own microphone! The Washington Post cannot restrain its glee:

Instead of getting arrested, the ministers got something else: A couple of dozen gay activists, surrounding them with rainbow flags and signs announcing “Gaga for Gay Rights” and “I Am a Love Warrior.” By the end, the gay rights activists had taken over the lectern and the sound system and were holding their own news conference denouncing the ministers. “We’re here to say, my love is legit!” announced David Valk, an organizer of the National Equality March for gay rights. Another speaker, Ian Thomas, went to the microphone and announced: “I was created a bisexual male. Just like many figures in the Christian Bible, I like boys and girls!” [Organizer Gary] Cass turned angrily to the AV guy. “We’re not on the clock, are we?” He turned with equal anger to Valk. “You guys gonna help us pay for the microphones?” The gay activist smiled. “God,” he said, “works in mysterious ways.”

In this case, God took the form of Chuck Fazio, from DC Podiums. Fazio was hired by the religious conservatives to provide the sound system for the event, but upon learning of their cause, he decided to donate his proceeds to the gay rights activists and to give them a chance at the microphone before shutting down the amplifiers. “I don’t want bad karma,” he explained, noting with some pride that the lectern they were using was the same one used by Borat on a recent Washington visit. The conservative activists could not have anticipated this unusual turn of events when they arrived, some wearing “Fear God” T-shirts and one carrying a sign spelling AIDS from the biblical phrase “the wages of sin is death.”

Our hero for the day, Chuck Fazio! Event planners, activists, party promoters: please consider giving your future business to DC Podiums. And Chuck Fazio might be the guy to hire for your Washington DC wedding. FTW!