The March Towards Theocracy

The Family Policy Council of Washington state, stinging from their R-71 defeat, says that any legal basis for separation of church and state is a myth. And it’s perfectly fine to make laws based on the Bible. Transcript via Lurleen:

No, the phrase “separation of church and state” does not appear anywhere in the United States or Washington State constitutions. Regardless, the fact that people of a particular religious faith share common ideas does not mean that those ideas are necessarily unconstitutional because nthey are religious. To the contrary, our laws against stealing, killing, lying, perjury, incest, rape, battery and destruction of property were all religious tenets long before they were laws. Now no one wants to repeal the criminal code because its major themes were first recorded in the Bible. Now the idea that a preference for heterosexual marriage is unconstitutional is [sic] simply because it is consistent with religious doctrine is legally and constitutionally unsupportable. Now our Founding Fathers wanted to avoid a situation where a religious organization wrote the laws for the county. However, they did not intend to create a country in which citizens and elected officials were forbidden from reading, discussing, thinking about or even legislating ideas that happen to be religious in nature.