Illinois Family Institute Calls For Boycott Of Scholastic Books Over Gay-Friendly Title

The vile Illinois Family Institute, best known as the one-time home of Peter LaBarbera and for their relentless crusade against anti-bullying legislation, is calling for a national boycott of Scholastic Books because they will include a gay-friendly book in their middle school book fairs. Luv Ya Bunches, by Lauren Myracle, features a character with lesbian parents.

IFI is urging parents to notify your children’s schools that because Luv Ya Bunches is listed in the Scholastic Book Club catalogue, the catalogue is not to be distributed to your child and that you will not be ordering any books from Scholastic Books. (Click HERE for a sample message that you can edit, customize, print and send.) In addition, notify your children’s school that if Luv Ya Bunches will be included at the Scholastic Book Fair, your child is not to be taken to the fair during or after school hours. Finally, call the Scholastic Books feed back line and send emails to Scholastic Books management to inform them that as long as they are carrying books that affirm homosexuality as moral, you will not purchase books from them. To leave an email message, contact Investor Relations. or call:

Jeanie Salgado, Scholastic Book Fairs: (407) 829-8265
Scholastic Book Group: (212) 343-4731
Scholastic Books feedback line (212) 343-6834

The IFI is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay hate group. In April of this year they produced an outrageous anti-bullying legislation video so offensive, it staggered even the battle-worn readers of this blog. Please consider calling Scholastic yourselves and offering support and appreciation for their inclusion of Luv Ya Bunches as a book fair selection. Gay parents, your voices are the most important.