HomoQuotable – Dan Savage

“This boy has been out to his family since age 12 and when he wanted to go out in drag on Halloween and his mother made his costume and his dad took him to West Hollywood. There’s just one comment on the post at YouTube right now and it’s from Elliott: ‘Dad let me upload this :D’ His dad let him post this video to YouTube.

“You know, whatever happens in Maine and here in Washington state tomorrow, where marriage equality and domestic partnerships are on the line respectively, we can all take comfort in something as seemingly trivial as a 14-year-old boy’s night out in West Hollywood with his folks. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We are winning—despite the setbacks—because our families are on side now. It’s almost impossible to imagine an openly gay 14-year-old twenty years ago, much less an openly gay 14-year-old with parents like Miss Poppy and her husband. Moms and dads like Elliott’s—parents who aren’t ashamed of their gay children, parents who love and support their gay children for who they are, parents who want their gay children to be safe and happy and treated equally—used to be the exception. Not anymore. We are winning.” – Dan Savage, with a sweet Halloween story.