Christian Right Holds Massively Ignored Hate Rally At Department Of Justice

Today’s fearsome and Godly demonstration of “civil disobedience” held outside the Department of Justice by the Power Rangers For Jeebus was nothing but a same-old same-old boring little press conference attended by nobody else but its speakers and a handful of placard-holding gays. Wait, can there be a “press conference” if there’s no actual press? Fizzzzzle. Where were the promised acts of disobedience? Where was the incitement to arrest? Snooooooze. In the two clips below, the camera wisely remains focused on the podium so that you can’t tell that the speakers are facing crowds estimated by the National Park Service to be in the mid single-digits. We’ll have to wait for the aerial photos for the actual numbers! Snork!

First up in the clips below, the lies come so fast and furious from the ridiculously lesbian-like Janet Porter, you can’t even keep up with them. Let’s just go to the biggest, that here is no hate crimes law protecting Christians. YES, there is, you dumbfuck bigot. That law has existed for forty years and you know it. The rest are the usual Lies For Christ™: the Pedophile Protection Act, preachers waterboarded at Gitmo just because, and a recounting of that time that guy from some country did that thing which totally got him a stern talking to AND OMG THAT’S WHY GAYS ARE NAZIS!!1!! Quod erat demonstrandum, homos!