Boston: Fired Brookstone Manager Claims Religious Discrimination Over His Anti-Gay Workplace Comments

Anti-gay hate group MassResistance is championing the case of a Boston airport Brookstone manager who was fired for telling a lesbian co-worker to stop discussing her upcoming marriage while at work. Brookstone’s termination letter to Peter Vadala told him his actions constituted harassment. Below, Vadala pleads his case, which has been picked up by Free Republic, World Net Daily, and Peter LaBarbera – none of whom have made a peep about the Catholic lay minister fired in Maine last week for writing a letter in support of marriage equality to her local newspaper. Wingnut organizations are now calling for a boycott of Brookstone.

RELATED: Over on YouTube, MassResistance is warning that any commentary not in support of Vadala will be deleted and the user blocked. Typical. Note that the comment “All fags must die” has been allowed to remain for six days.