The Best One Yet

From Christwire:

It is a well-known fact that the homosexuals have been secretly working to subvert American laws for quite some time, but the new violent turn has surprised many people (other than myself). It may have its roots in the political loss in Maine, where voters unanimously said they hate the gay lifestyle that has been overrunning their state with bed & breakfast hotels and antique shops for years. In the past, homosexuals have thrilled at outlaw sex, whether it’s hard up against a wall in 1950s public restrooms, in the 1960s in Manhattan’s West Side piers where orgies of horny, drug-addled libertines would rape each other until dawn or even in the coke-fueled 70s where big hair and flared slacks didn’t prevent them from spraying their sticky seed showers from San Francisco to Savannah.

Lately, the gays have become obsessed with homosexual marriage. They have tried to bribe numerous politicians with fundraising campaigns, political action committees and threats of voting in blocks to pursue this perverted un-Constitutional agenda. With musky thrill of a few wrongheaded victories, the gays have pushed harder, demanding greater visibility on network television, gay-themed cruise lines and the legalization of adoption. Other issues demanded by the sex-crazed sodomizers: the right for a street twink to visit his rich “sugar daddy” in the hospital so he can pull the life support plug and inherit his estate, the legalization of public displays of affection and sodomy, and the right for gays to sneak into the military so they can leer at our handsome and virile fighting men. Now that the homosexuals have taken to voting and arming themselves, is there any doubt they may achieve these goals?

Read the entire thing and catch the photo of me wearing a suicide bomb vest.