Alabama Hosts Convention Of Still Completely Homosexual “Ex-Gays”

Focus On The Family’s final “ex-gay” conference is being held in Birmingham this weekend, where anti-“ex-gay” activist Wayne Besen spoke at the University of Alabama to expose the myths and dangers of their “pray away the gay” campaign. Embroiled in financial difficulties and layoffs, Focus of the Family has handed off their “ex-gay” conference business to Exodus International, an organization best known for its former chairman John Paulk, who in 2000 was photographed by Besen fleeing from cameras after having been spotted having a gay ole time in Washington DC’s Mr. P’s Bar.

Below is the promotional video posted Friday in support of their I Hate Myself SO Much conference. If history is a judge, any converts acquired in Alabama this weekend will bring along a lengthy list of drug addictions, mental illnesses, and prison records – all of which they have because they are gay, of course. Not because they are losers desperately seeking something to blame.