PhoboQuotable – Tony Perkins

“[Obama’s speech to the HRC] was interrupted often by applause, but punctuated mostly by ironies — beginning with his praise for “progress sought by those with little influence or power” while speaking at a $250-a-plate black-tie dinner attended by federal office-holders and the Hollywood glitterati. He complained that “some may wish to define you solely by your sexual orientation or gender identity” — yet it is “GLBT” activists themselves who do that. We consider them human beings, who like all human beings must be held accountable for the consequences of their chosen behaviors. [snip]

“One thing was clear from Obama’s speech — his goal (like that of homosexual activists) is not simply equal legal rights. It is, rather, to overturn millennia of moral teaching that has acknowledged the harms of homosexual conduct and the unique benefits of marriage between a man and a woman. He dismissed those values as ‘outworn arguments and old attitudes,’ while decrying the grassroots campaigns to defend marriage as ‘divisive and deceptive efforts to feed people’s lingering fears for political and ideological gain.’ In other words, if you hold to traditional values, the ultimate goal is simple — to silence you. President Obama told HRC, ‘[D]o not doubt the direction we are heading and the destination we will reach.’ That’s a warning the American people should heed. – Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, who is definitely a psycho, but probably does not dress up like his dead mother and keep her rotting body in the attic. Probably.