PhoboQuotable – Lindsey Douthit

“The main platform of the pro-ENDA speakers was this: it is “inhumane” to object to individuals’ decisions to give themselves over to unnatural sexual, and people who oppose ENDA are backwards and biased.

“The ENDA hearing should serve as a wake-up call to Christians that they must continue to fight for religious liberty. Legislation such as ENDA serves to normalize, and even glorify, in the guise of “progressive popular culture,” lifestyles that Biblical doctrine clearly teaches are wrong. Legislation like ENDA makes people think they can never be free from their sexual and other sins when in fact, Jesus Christ can save every person from all his sins, even homosexuality.

“Don’t be fooled — the radical implications of ENDA are as noticeable as the glossy wigs and deep voices of the hurting and desperate transgendered female activists at the hearing who so desperately need the life-changing Gospel message offering them freedom from sin.” – Concerned Women for America’s Lindsey Douthit, writing about last week’s ENDA hearings in the U.S. House.

UPDATE: Check out Good As You’s excellent dissection of Douthit’s nonsense.