NY Gov. Paterson To Ask State Senate To Vote On Marriage Next Week

According to his aides, New York Gov. David Paterson plans to ask state Senators to finally vote on same-sex marriage during a special session he’s called for next week. Democrats continue to hold a slim 32-30 majority in the Senate after Sen. Hiram Monserrate (D) somehow evaded a felony conviction last week for slashing his girlfriend in the face, which would have resulted in his automatic removal.

Monserrate may yet face expulsion over the incident; a bipartisan panel has been formed to determine what discipline he will receive, if any. He has supported same-sex marriage in the past, but was one of the three Democrats who briefly defected to the Republican side of the aisle in June in a power struggle for control of the Senate.

Even with a slight Democratic majority, getting the necessary votes to approve same-sex marriage is highly doubtful, thanks in large part to the work of Democratic anti-gay evangelist Sen. Ruben Diaz. However openly gay Sen. Thomas Duane has frequently stated that he thinks a few Republicans would vote our way, so hope, however slight, persists. My complete file on this Clown Car called the New York Senate is here.