Joe Solmonese: HRC Dinner Attendees Know Best

On Sunday, HRC head Joe Solmonese told CNN that the membership of the HRC was diverse and “absolutely representative of the LBGT community,” and not a group of white elites as many have charged.

We’re the largest LBGT organization in the country with nearly a million members. Most of them are small donors and supporters all over the country. And so, I think we absolutely represent the LBGT community. But I think that — as Hilary mentioned last night on the show — perhaps the crowd at the dinner last night was a little bit more politically aware and had a better sense of maybe, you know, what’s at stake and what needs to be done. Because at the end of the day, what all these fights come down to — and this is where we are in this movement…

Pam Spaulding vents:

A couple of things are quite notable. Lemon asks about the diversity issue within HRC. Solmonese can’t answer that question without either fibbing or going down a really uncomfortable path, so Joe chooses to answer the question in terms of paid membership, so he can reference the multitude of small dollar donors. Those donors weren’t at the dinner, nor are they in leadership positions or on the board of the advocacy org.

The real boo-boo, however, is the claim that the crowd attending the annual dinner is more politically engaged, more boned-up on the issues, and even more incredibly, know more than you folks out there — living in places where you have no rights whatsoever — about what is at stake. Well, those who opened their wallets to see the fabulous Lady Gaga and the cast of Glee (after all, the dinner sold out before the President’s appearance was billed), surely are in touch with the issues more than you are. Joe said so.