Important Correction From One Iowa

In this morning’s post about Phyliss Stevens, the Iowa LGBT activist arrested for embezzling from her employer, I inaccurately posted that her partner Marla worked for an offshoot of One Iowa. Justin Umbelhor, Director of Communications for One Iowa writes:

The Iowa Republican blog post you link to is wholly inaccurate. Their main contention is false: the LGBT Fairness Fund is not affiliated with One Iowa or our PAC in any way. The LGBT Fairness Fund appears to be a federal PAC based in Indiana that can give to federal candidates. The Fairness Fund PAC (the political arm of One Iowa) is an Iowa registered state PAC that can only give to candidates for state office. While Phyllis and Marla have contributed to our campaigns independently (as they have to numerous progressive causes in the state), there is no connection between our PACs, nor has Marla ever been employed by our PAC.

And that, my tender kittens, is what I get for not fact checking a GOP blog.