HomoQuotable – James Hartline

“The game plan of the international homosexual movement and Mayor Daley was to create the physical appearance in Chicago through the Gay Games that would result in selling the international Olympic Committee on the idea that Chicago was ready for a bigger event: the 2016 Olympics. At the time of the Gay Games, former homosexual James Hartline was flown into Chicago with several other prominent Christian activists like nationally-recognized Christian attorney Matt Barber and Dr. John Riggs to make a stand for truth and righteousness in the heart of Chicago’s homosexual community during the Gay Games. [snip]

“Because former homosexual James Hartline and the other Christians were willing to risk their lives for the Gospel while the world was glorifying homosexuality in Chicago, the Spirit of the Lord was released upon Chicago’s demonic gay agenda in 2006. The Spirit of the Lord began contending with the anti-christ spirit inside the City of Chicago from that day forward. Thus, when President Barack Obama, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and their armies of gay activist supporters in Boys Town attempt to square the reasons for their failure to garner an Olympic Bid for the Windy City, they had better recount the day that the Wind of the Holy Spirit was emparted into Chicago in 2006.” – San Diego-based “ex-gay” activist James Hartline, taking credit for Chicago not getting the 2016 Olympics.

RELATED: In 2007 Hartline announced that God was burning San Diego with wildfires because of Mayor Jerry Sanders’ support for same-sex marriage. He fails to note that God has apparently decided to bestow the 2016 Olympics on the city with largest gay Pride parade in the world.

UNRELATED: Ever notice how so many of these “ex-gays” are stunningly, unfuckably ugly? Hartline says he stopped taking it up the ass after becoming a homeless, meth-addicted, ex-con with multiple stretches in prison. Happy and successful people don’t become “ex-gay”, only losers trying shift the blame do.