Chicago Eliminated From 2016 Olympics Contention In First Round

Despite President Obama’s campaigning personally for his adopted hometown, today Chicago was eliminated as the prospective host city of the 2016 Olympics.

Chicago lost the bid to bring the 2016 Olympics Games to Chicago on Friday, in the first ballot of voting. Not even the presence of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, nor a long list of celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, was enough. Even IOC president Jacques Rogge seemed a little surprised when he announced the results of the first vote. Tokyo was the next city to get the cut, and now, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro are left in the running. The president and his wife, fellow Chicagoan Michelle Obama, put their capital behind an enormous campaign to win the Olympics bid. Never before had a U.S. president made such an in-person appeal. “I urge you to choose Chicago,” Mr. Obama told members of the International Olympic Committee.

And of course, the Freepers are laughing and cheering and waving their hands because they like to see Obama fail at anything, even something as noble as bringing the Olympics to the United States.

UPDATE: Rio de Janeiro celebrates their win.