CA State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano To Governator: Kiss My Gay Ass!

GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger received a hostile reception on Wednesday when he dropped to at a San Francisco Democratic Party fundraiser, where openly gay state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano yelled for the governator to “kiss his gay ass.”

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is lambasting what he calls “highly inappropriate” behavior by San Francisco Democrats Wednesday who greeted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with a hostile reception during a surprise drop-in at a San Francisco Democratic Party fund-raiser. But outspoken State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, who shouted “You lie!” to Schwarzenneger during the event at the Fairmont Hotel — and didn’t deny reports he walked out with a quip of “kiss my gay ass” — said the GOP governor’s “cheap publicity stunt” earned a very appropriate show of political theater, San Francisco-style.

Later Ammianno said, “This isn’t a chamber where someone suffers through. This is our house — and it’s like someone came in and took a big dump. He showed up; it was rude, he got up there and it felt to us that he was trivializing all the issues we care about. You have a few options, and along with the labor people, we walked out.”

Watch the video of the melee here.