Judge Threatens Birther Loon Orly Taitz For “Frivolous Lawsuit”

Not only did he toss out wild wig-woman Orly Taitz’s lawsuit demanding that Barack Obama issue his birth certificate, a federal judge threatened her with sanctions if she tried again. Taitz’s suit was filed on behalf of Army Capt. Connie Rhodes, who says since Obama is not her legitimate commander in chief, she didn’t have to deploy to Iraq. She is the second military officer to make such a claim. The judge’s slam:

Plaintiff’s counsel, who champions herself as a defender of liberty and freedom, seeks to use the power of the judiciary to compel a citizen, albeit the President of the United States, to “prove his innocence” to “charges” that are based upon conjecture and speculation. Any middle school civics student would readily recognize the irony of abandoning fundamental principles upon which our Country was founded in order to purportedly “protect and preserve” those very principles ….Plaintiff’s complaint is not plausible on its face. To the extent that it alleges any “facts,” the Complaint does not connect those facts to any actual violation of Plaintiff’s individual constitutional rights. Unlike in Alice in Wonderland, simply saying something is so does not make it so.

Taitz says that the judge’s threat doesn’t concern her and she’s willing to go all Nelson Mandela for her cause. “Listen, Nelson Mandela stayed in prison for years in order to get to the truth and justice.” She also says the judge “disrespected the Constitution” and should be tried for treason with Obama. World Net Daily will doubtlessly be canonizing her for her bravery today.