HomoQuotable – Larry Kramer

“We get what we fight for. And we are not fighting. Every single one of us is not fighting. They fight better than we do. There is a concerted and never ending vein of hate in this country and in this world dedicated to keeping us in our place. It is evil to force people to be what we are not — free. We are not free.

“I love being gay. I love gay people. How can I say this without offending everyone else, I think we’re better than other people. I think we are smarter. I think we are more talented. I think we are more aware. I think we make better friends. I think we make better lovers. I think we’re more tuned in to what’s happening, tuned into the moment, tuned into our emotions, and other people’s emotions.

“Yes, I think that gay people are better than other people. I think the only thing we are not so good at is fighting back. I hear talk of the new generation of gays and the old generation of gays, and how different we are. That is not true. We are all one generation. We are all related. We are all each other’s brothers and sisters. We are all one family, the gay family. And I passionately and desperately want all my brothers and sisters to stay alive and well and on this earth, with total equality with every straight person. Being gay is the most important thing in my life. I love being gay. I hope you do, too.” – Legendary gay/AIDS activist and author Larry Kramer, telling the audience at Dallas Pride to fight harder.

(Via – Rex Wockner)