Bruiser At Jersey City’s Star Bar

I forgot to put up some photos after last week’s debut of Bruiser, the new Sunday afternoon bear party at Jersey City’s Star Bar, but this can serve as a reminder in case anybody’s thinking of attending this weekend. Star Bar owner Wolf put on a great event and the little joint overflowed, with as many people outside on the sidewalk as in the bar, to the delight of the excellent Mexican street meat vendor parked ten feet from the door. Caution, that food is insanely hot. I gave Bruiser’s DJ Damien Cote a bite of my sandwich, sending him sprinting to the nearest bodega for some milk. Star Bar is one block from the Grove Street PATH station, about a 15 minute ride from Manhattan. By the way, the Dugout/Ramrod was just purchased by the owners of Chelsea’s Gym Bar, it’s unknown what their plans for the space may be.