80’s Flashback

Psychedelic Furs, Love My Way, 1982. In 1980 I returned the P-Furs’ self-titled debut album to the friend who’d lent it, dismissing it as pretentious and unlistenable. He was very disappointed in me. The following year’s Dumb Waiters and Pretty In Pink singles from Talk, Talk, Talk made me reconsider, but it was 1982’s Love My Way that completed my transition into a P-Furry. There’s an army on the dance floor, it’s fashion with a gun, my love. There were a couple more really great singles, the glorious The Ghost In You and the discofied Heartbreak Beat (their biggest hit), which almost made up for that dreadful remake of Pretty In Pink in ’86. The band broke up almost 20 years ago, but have reformed for a reunion tour with Happy Mondays that began this month. They play NYC on October 9th.