80’s Flashback

Baltimora, Tarzan Boy, 1985. Baltimora was a six-man band from Italy fronted by Irish citizen Jimmy McShane, whom many wrongly believed was the entire act. McShane was not a musician or singer and was selected for band based on his flamboyant appearance and dancing abilities. In the video for Tarzan Boy, McShane is lip-syncing the vocals of Baltimora’s Maurizio Bassi. Tarzan Boy was a global smash, hitting the top ten in most of Europe and reaching #13 in the U.S. Subsequent singles, some of which were written by McShane, were less successful, hence Baltimora is often found near the top of lists of one-hit wonders. The group disbanded in 1987. Jimmy McShane died of AIDS in 1995, two years after Tarzan Boy had recharted in the U.S. due to its usage in a Listerine commercial.