Live Nation Cancels Buju Banton Tour

Congratulations to all those who followed the links to complain about murder music star Buju Banton, as Live Nation has now canceled his national tour of the United States.

Banton was scheduled to perform in October at House of Blues venues in Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Houston, among other dates and locations. However, last week, activists began contacting the Beverly Hills-based Live Nation to express their dismay because of his violent antigay lyrics. In songs such as “Boom, Bye Bye,” from 1988, Banton calls for the torture and murder of gay men. “If a guy comes near me,” he sings, “then his skin must peel. Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel.” Live Nation announced plainly that the concerts by Banton were cancelled, and that refunds would be available to ticket holders. Banton has long been opposed by LGBT activists because of his antigay lyrics and alleged behavior. In 2006, he was acquitted of charges that he assaulted a group of gay men in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. In 2007, he signed the Reggae Compassionate Act, in which artists vow to refrain from singing antigay lyrics or making homophobic statements, but he later denied that he took the pledge.

A very nice win to end this week!

UPDATE: JMG reader Jeff B. points out that another promoter, AEG, is publicizing a second set of Banton shows. Go to the LA LGBT Center’s page to put a stop to those too.

UPDATE II: That was fast. AEG has canceled their shows too.