Linda Harvey: JMG Is A Liar

Mission America founder Linda Harvey is very upset about my post characterizing her as saying the murder victims in Tel Aviv got what they deserved for being at a gay event.

If you have landed here from the “joemygod” blog, you now need a dose of reality –unless you are one of the deranged people actually wishing harm to Linda Harvey in the comments, or totally mis-characterizing a phone call with her, or making personal attacks because they can’t debate the points. Oh,the glories of “tolerance”! Regarding the Tel Aviv shootings and our news release, Joe has done what is all too common among homosexual bloggers– he mispresents the truth ( which is a nice way of saying, he lies). Whether it’s incompetence or deliberate distortion, we can’t say.

If you read our statement, it doesn’t say anything close to what Joe’s summary says it says: “Harvey goes [sic–I think he left out the word “on” here] to say that if those kids hadn’t been at a perverted gay youth event in the first place, they wouldn’t have been killed. In other words, that’s what you get.” Not true! Where did our press release say anything like this? He can read minds–then why is he wasting his time on a blog? Get into the stock market, Joe!! We do NOT blame these kids. All we are saying is that these centers promote homosexuality; we oppose homosexuality; the behavior is problematic for kids; and we always hope for kids to have long and happy lives. Which is why our headline says, “Mission America CONDEMNS Shootings.” Very easy to read, if one takes the five seconds to do so.

Linda Harvey’s words spoke for themselves and I stand by my original post. Calling me a liar or saying that I “mispresent” the truth, doesn’t change the naked hatred of Linda Harvey’s message. As is typical for those in the anti-gay movement, Harvey professes to love gay kids while simultaneously telling them they are disordered, sick, and doomed. I’m sure that when the next gay kid kills himself because of her campaign of hate, Linda Harvey won’t take the slightest responsibility, but will say, “Oh, dear! Isn’t it just too bad he isn’t still around to hear my message about the wrongness of homosexuality!”

Which is exactly what she said about Tel Aviv.

UPDATE: Please join the Facebook group Fight Mission America.