Guam Considers Domestic Partners

The tiny U.S. territory of Guam is considering domestic partners legislation. The island’s Democratic leadership would like to pursue full marriage equality, but have struck a compromise with the Catholic Church.

“Guam’s bill is domestic partnership, unfortunately. It is not the marriage, it is not the civil union. I have promised the Archbishop [Anthony Apuron] not to use either one of those two words though the bill does provide the same benefits that married heterosexual couples receive. I had to try to meet everybody half way. I recognize that the archbishop is concerned about the the use of the word marriage and civil union. I didn’t have a ceremony because he didn’t want a ceremony, it is now just an application.” “It’s like applying for a driver’s license,” he added. Despite Cruz’s compromises with the church, Archbishop Anthony Apuron called the new bill an affront to marriage.

Local GOP leaders have offered a watered-down version of the bill that would only grant hospital visitation rights to gay couples.