Perez Hilton Is Worse Than You Thought

If you think your opinion of Perez Hilton couldn’t be any lower, you’ll probably change your mind after reading what he tells Advocate writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis about his dust-up with the Black Eyed Peas, during which he called their lead vocalist a “faggot.”

But Perez tells me that, in the heat of the moment that night, he almost chose to use a different word. “I thought about calling him the n word,” he says over the phone a week after the incident, “but I thought the f word was even worse. I was so filled with hate at that moment because I was hated on so much, and I reacted in the worst way possible. Then I went on to make a bunch of other mistakes. I shouldn’t have made the video. I shouldn’t have released so many statements. But what’s come out of all of this is that I’ve learned so much about myself, and I’m in a much better place. I’m actually thankful that it happened.”

Impressive! He only “thought about” using the n-word! He restrained his racism! Hilton goes on to compare himself to Madonna, saying that like her, he will “soldier on” no matter how much he is hated. That’s a lot of soldiering.

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