NGLTF Joins “Wait Until 2012” Crowd

The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force has signed on to the “Prepare To Prevail” document, a letter from a large coalition of LGBT and progressive groups stating a plan to wait until 2012 before challenging Proposition 8 at the ballot. Task Force head Rea Carey:

“As a state that has often served as a political and cultural trendsetter for the rest of the country, what happens in California has national significance for the LGBT movement. That’s why for well over five years the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has devoted significant human and financial resources to winning the freedom to marry in California. This commitment remains steadfast as we continue to work on the ground in California with the Vote for Equality Project of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and Equality California to build effective models of person-to-person voter persuasion about marriage equality.

“We support the soonest possible return to the ballot box to repeal Prop. 8 that gives the LGBT community a fighting chance to win. The priorities expressed in ‘Prepare to Prevail’ are about the hard work it will take at the grassroots to move towards a solid victory, and we look forward to continued work with our partners in California to build a strong, diverse and successful campaign for marriage equality.”

The “Prepare To Prevail” website is here.