Maine Seems Poised For A November Vote On Marriage Equality Repeal

The Family Research Council says their petition gatherers have nearly twice as many names as needed to get a repeal of marriage equality put on the November ballot. They have until the end of the month to submit their signatures.

Needing roughly 56,000 petition signatures to place a “People’s Veto” of this legislation on the November ballot, the pro-marriage coalition has exceeded all expectations by collecting over 90,000 and counting. Pastor Bob Emrich, whom we honored with the Watchmen Pastor award a couple of years ago, is helping guide a statewide grassroots coalition to gather the signatures. Emrich and want to submit these signatures to the Secretary of State by July 31, but he had this to say: “I am finding it difficult to get people to stop collecting signatures and send me their petitions so we can get them processed.”

(Via – Good As You)