Haters To Turn In Petitions To Repeal Domestic Partners Law In Washington

Anti-gay activists say they have collected the required signatures to put a repeal of Washington state’s new domestic partners law on the November ballot. The law is set to go into effect on Sunday unless the petitions are valid and submitted by Saturday.

Dave Ammons, a spokesman for the secretary of state’s office, said R-71 sponsors didn’t say how many signatures how many they expect to bring in. They’ll need 120,577 valid voter signatures (4 percent of last year’s vote for governor) to qualify for the fall ballot. Election officials suggest referendum sponsors submit about 150,000 signatures to offset any invalid ones. If the referendum is submitted, Ammons said the new law will not go into effect on Sunday, as it normally would. If R-71 goes onto the ballot, the law will be on hold until the vote is held Nov. 3. If it passes, the law would take effect after the vote is certified in December. If the law is rejected, it will not go into effect. If the referendum does not qualify for the ballot, Ammons said the law would take effect immediately.

The Christian groups behind the repeal drive have engaged in their now-familiar deceptive practices in Washington, often telling outrageous falsehoods to the people they approached with their clipboards. Which is legal. And standard practice for the Liars For Christ™.