First, They Came For The Gays….

A “community activist” group in Milwaukee wants their police chief charged with a felony for committing adultery, something he has admitted.

A group of community activists met face-to-face with the Milwaukee district attorney, demanding criminal charges against the police chief for having an extramarital affair. While they appreciate the crime fighting success of Milwaukee’s police chief, they say Ed Flynn’s extramarital affair with Jessica McBride is criminal. “It’s a felony act,” said one activist.” The chief has admitted to being in this affair and we think these issues need to be investigated.” Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm says adultery, while a felony in Wisconsin, is not on his office’s front burner. “This is not a crime that is prosecuted,” said Chisholm. “And I know of no case that’s been prosecuted by this office since I’ve been an assistant [district attorney].” A class one felony of adultery can bring three and a half years in prison.