Details Emerge In Adultery/Blackmail Case Of GOP State Sen. Paul Stanley

The Nashville Scene has gotten some of the delicious details into the scandal surrounding Tennesee state Sen. Paul “No Queer Adoptions” Stanley.

According to court documents, here’s what happened: Stanley, who is married with two children, was accused of having an affair with a 22-year-old legislative intern, McKensie Morrison, by the woman’s boyfriend. The boyfriend, Joel Palmer Watts. 28, discovered a computer memory disc with sexually explicit photographs of Morrison that appeared to have been taken in Stanley’s apartment. Watts then blackmailed Stanley, demanding $10,000 in return for keeping quiet. “Releasing the photographs to individuals or the media would cause embarrassment, both professionally and personally, to Stanley,” according to the court affidavit, as if we needed an explanation for why this might pose a small problem for our family values champion. (Notably, as a House member, Stanley introduced a bill prohibiting the showing of pornographic materials in a moving vehicle. Don’t ask us to explain why.) Now a blackmail victim, Stanley went to the TBI, and they set up Watts. Stanley met his blackmailer behind the El Rey Azteca Mexican restaurant in Whites Creek. Where else?

So this Defender Of Children was not only cheating on his wife with an intern young enough to be his daughter, he had her over for a pornographic photo shoot in his own home. HAWT. Stanley is facing calls for his resignation, but some far has only given up the chairmanship of a state Senate committee.