2010 NYC Firefighters Calendar

The 2010 Firefighters Of New York calendar is out.

Times Square was on fire Tuesday night as 13 smoking hot firefighters unveiled the 2010 calendar to benefit a city burn center. “They’re really hot!” gushed Allyson Shankmann, 23, of Queens. “I want to start a fire, I was thinking about lighting a match so they can come put it out. They’re so hot! I like January and March … and August.” Proceeds from the calendar go to the Staten Island University Hospital Burn Center. This year’s cover is Chad Stertefeldt, a 26-year-old Brooklyn firefighter.

You’ll note that the calendar’s makers cannot call it the “FDNY Calendar.” That’s because two years ago the city pulled their official authorization after one of the 2008 models was revealed to have shown off his massive hose in an episode of Guys Gone Wild. That clip is still online, so if you are one of those rare gay men who enjoy extremely hung naked fireman porn, go here. NSFW, obviously. Purchase this year’s calendar here.