Tranquility Base

After congratulating ourselves for such a great job of packing the rental car, we arrived in the mountains to realize that we’d forgotten our largest item – the campsite canopy – forcing Chris to get a little inventive with a giant tarp. It poured most of last night, but the rain let up for the few hours of the bonfire party down at the rec hall, where we ran into half of NYC. At the moment, Aaron is off under the trees with a book and a cup of coffee and Chris is making us breakfast over the fire pit. And I’m on a picnic bench reading the zillion items that came in on my RSS feed during yesterday’s day off. The birds are singing, the dappled sunlight is starting to warm things up, and off in the distance, very faintly, I’m quite certain I can hear the first track of Color Me Barbra. Ah, Hillside.