Radio Hosts Who Made Anti-Trans Remarks Apologize, Invite Trans Advocates On Air

Pam’s House Blend contributor Autumn Sandeen and fellow trans-advocate Kim Pearson will appear on Sacramento’s KRXQ radio station this Thursday after the station’s hosts apologized for saying last week that they would beat transgender behavior out of their kids. The station suffered a massive pull-back in advertiser support after trans and gay bloggers took their outrage to the media. The offending show has been temporarily pulled off the air.

“KRXQ appears to be taking this matter very seriously following widespread response from community members and advertisers,” said Rashad Robinson, spokesman for GLAAD. Co-host Rob Williams posted a letter on the team’s Web site saying, “We have failed you. As a show, as people, as broadcasters, we have simply failed on almost every level.” GLAAD first contacted KRXQ after a listener complained about remarks made by Williams and co-host Arnie States in a May 28 broadcast. One of the hosts said he would hit his child with his shoe if the boy wanted to wear high heels. Another said he would tell a boy he was “a little idiot” if he asked to wear a dress. “If my son, God forbid, if my son put on a pair of high heels, I would probably hit him with one of my shoes. I would throw a shoe at him,” said Arnie States, co-host of the show, which usually airs mornings in Sacramento. Since then, major companies have pulled advertising from the station or announced plans to discontinue buying ads, according to GLAAD. Those companies include AT&T, Bank of America, Chipotle, Guitar Center, McDonalds, Nissan, Wells Fargo and Snapple.

Congratulations to Autumn, Kim, and GLAAD for this win.