Open Thread Thursday

I went to this GLAAD function at an extremely loud Hell’s Kitchen club last Friday and the little swag bag handed me upon departure included a bottle of fancy designer hair “paste.” Paste? I shrugged and thought, “Oh, I’ll just pass this off to somebody with, you know, hair.” And then I realized how few of my inner circle (the type of friends you can gift toiletries to) had hair of any styleable length themselves.

So what’s your hair situation? Bald? Shaven? Thinning? Giuliani circa 2001? Are you popping Propecia like Pez? Does your brand of mousse start with R and end in “ogaine”? If you are fully follicled, is Just For Men just for you? Do you use words like “product” and “zhuss”? Is there, gasp, a blow-dryer in your daily routine?