NY Senate Adjourns After 5 Minutes, Will This Freak Show Continue Tomorrow?

Via Twitter, I’m hearing that the NY Senate adjourned today’s session five minutes after it started. Five minutes is HARDLY enough time for the Senate’s usual accusations, double-crossing, triple-crossing, secret deals, secret alliances, name calling, lock outs, and temper tantrums. What, oh what, could tomorrow possibly bring? We have NO GOVERNMENT in New York State.

UPDATE: Via Unite The Fight:

Empire State Pride Agenda:

“State Senators need to know that it is unacceptable to leave Albany without voting on and passing the marriage bill. Marriage equality is not a partisan issue and should never be used as a political football in the current situation that has caused complete gridlock in the state capitol. Thousands of New York families expect and need Senators to immediately figure out a way to work together and start doing the people’s business.

We expect that marriage will be at the top of the agenda when the stalemate is over and the Senate resumes its business, but only when we are certain that any such vote taken by the Senate is valid and not subject to legal challenge. The bill must be handled respectfully and given its due debate so that Senators can vote their conscience on this vitally important issue.”