Numerous Wingnut Groups Join Forces To Create Massive Anti-Gay Group

Ex-Gay Watch points us to a Reuters story noting the formation of the Freedom Federation, a massive coalition of anti-gay groups who are joining forces to create one giant swirling cesspool of hate.

The Freedom Federation is a new and unique federation of some of the largest multi-ethnic and transgenerational faith-based organizations in the country committed to plan, strategize, and work together on common interests within the Judeo-Christian tradition to mobilize their grassroots constituencies and to communicate faith and values to the Religious, social, cultural, and policymaking institutions.

Among the groups joining the Freedom Federation:

American Association of Christian Counselors, American Family Association, Americans for Prosperity, Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), Campaign for Working Families, Catholics Online, Concerned Women for America, Conservative Action Project, Eagle Forum, Exodus International, Faith and Action, Family Research Council, High Impact Leadership, Liberty Alliance Action, Liberty Counsel, Liberty University, Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN), Marc Nuttle, Morning Star Ministries, National Clergy Council, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Renewing American Leadership, Strang Communications, Teen Mania, The Call to Action, Traditional Values Coalition, Vision America

Tony Perkins, Matt Barber, Phyllis Schafly, Ruben Diaz, James Dobson and all those other miserable, unhappy, destructive horrible people in one room. Shudder.