Howard Dean Drops Out Of DNC Event

Saying he has a “scheduling conflict,” former DNC chairman Howard Dean has dropped out of tomorrow’s LGBT fundraiser. The list is lengthening. John Aravois at Americablog reacts:

It’s interesting that the very heterosexual Howard Dean is willing to take a stronger stand for civil rights than our own gay elected representatives, Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin, and Jared Polis. That Howard Dean is willing to take a stronger stand for the gay community than the following who are still attending, or have lent their name to the event:

Suze Orman
Elizabeth Birch
Virginia Governor / DNC Chair Tim Kaine
Chairman Barney Frank
Representatives Tammy Baldwin and Jared Polis
District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty
NBJC’s Alexander Robinson (while NBJC has said that none of their board of directors will be attending, it’s not clear what Robinson’s current role is with the organization, nor whether he has yet decided whether to pull out or not)
GMHC’s Marjorie Hill
Iraq Marine vet Brian Fricke (whom you may have seen on 60 Minutes)
Billy Bean
Former GLAAD head Joan Garry
Keith Boykin
Ray Buckley
Brian Johnson
Former SLDN head Dixon Osburn
Paul Smith
Krystal Ball