HomoQuotable – Jennifer Chrisler

“Malpractice is defined as engaging in professional wrongdoing that will result in harm. As one of those many leaders across the country fighting for equality for LGBT families, failure to accept the President’s invitation to meet with him at the White House this coming Monday would be committing “Movement malpractice.”

“For more years than I care to remember we have bemoaned the lack of access and the lack of progress at the federal level for LGBT equal rights. It is no surprise then that after years of toiling to elect fair-minded leaders, and with the assumption that we now have that in the White House and the Congress, we want action and we want it swiftly. When we¹ve struggled as a community for more years than we care to count to achieve equality and we believe for the first time that it is now achievable, our hopes are incredibly high. The knife of disappointment cuts that much deeper and the wounds take much longer to heal. [snip]

“Yes, I will be at the White House this Monday. I will have one of the most important conversations we can have with one of the most important leaders in our nation’s history. I will honor the bravery and vision of the LGBT families I work daily to support. I will share their stories with people in power and mince no words about what we want, when we want it and how. This is the oath of my office. Hold me to mine, as I work to hold the President to his.” – Family Equality Council executive director Jennifer Chrisler, guest posting on Pam’s House Blend.
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