Ex-Gay Preacher Not So Ex-Gay

“Ex-gay” evangelist Matthew C. Manning claims that he was “rescued” from homosexuality in 1989 and that Jeebus cured his HIV in 1994. Despite his producing no proof that he ever had HIV, Pat Robertson hosted Manning on the 700 Club in 2002, where Manning recounted his tale of glorious redemption to a global audience. Since then he has appeared on numerous Christian shows and has launched Lighthouse World Evangelism, from whose site he sells a $30 DVD about his complete “recovery” from his gayness.

But when Ex-Gay Watch tried to find any evidence of of Manning’s HIV claims, instead they found that he has been busted for public sex at least three times since 1998. The most recent incident, in 2005, appears to have resulted in Manning being banned from the 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Rosa, CA.

Everybody who is shocked, leave the room. Yeah, we’re all still here, Matthew.

Kudos to Ex-Gay Watch for their excellent detective work. Below, watch Manning make his claim on a 2007 show co-hosted by Exodus International’s still-completely-gay Alan Chambers.

(Via – Box Turtle Bulletin)