DC Wingnut Blames Dick Cheney For Failure Of Federal Marriage Amendment

One of the good failures of Dubya’s administration was the non-passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), which would have required approval by Congress and by a two-thirds majority of all the state legislatures. Any amendment to the U.S. Constitution would be an enormously ambitious undertaking – much less one with scant support from half of Congress. But the virtual impossibility of the FMA’s passage doesn’t seem apparent to DC’s Bishop Harry Jackson, who, in light of Dick Cheney’s recent endorsement of same-sex marriage, now says that it may have been Cheney himself who scuttled the FMA.

Jackson, a Washington-area pastor and chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, says ironically, at the same time President Bush “lost steam” on the marriage issue in 2006, Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary was talking openly with the media regarding her lesbian lifestyle. Bishop Jackson”I believe that Cheney’s own ambivalence that has now manifested itself into what seems like a backhanded pro-gay approach was one of the things that kept the President [Bush] from going forward,” he contends. “So, I’m outraged that we’ve been promised things by the GOP — specifically by the president — that haven’t really come into fruition.” Last week Dick Cheney suggested to reporters that he supports same-gender marriages.

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