At Gov’s Request: Former NY GOP Head Joe Bruno Will Lobby For Marriage Equality

Former NY Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno (R), who is slated to be tried in November in a massive corruption scandal, has been asked by Gov. Paterson to lobby his former fellow Senators on behalf of marriage equality. And he has said yes. THUD. Bruno used to be a ferocious foe of LGBT rights and blocked Senate votes on various gay issues for years. Surprising many, Bruno has agreed to “merely state his views” favoring same-sex marriage, but says that he won’t “be on the phone” trying to sway votes. Although Bruno is probably the most discredited pol in New York (other than Eliot Spitzer), he does continue to hold considerable influence in Albany and could possibly turn a few “no” votes.

(Via – Blabbeando)

UPDATE: Michelangelo Signorile on Bruno coming on board: “Hell has frozen over.”