Arrest Made In Queens Internet Murder

Alexys Fermaintt, 30 (left), was arrested by Holyoke, MA police yesterday for the murder of Michael Pecora, 38, who was found stabbed to death in his Queens apartment last week after what police believe was an internet hookup gone horribly bad. The suspect was being hidden in his mother’s home, according to television reports. A NY Daily News story not yet online today describes Fermaintt as a “hustler,” although other news reports do not. He reportedly has a criminal record in several states, including New York. Police have found Pecora’s computer in Fermaintt’s Bronx apartment.

RELATED: Since I first posted about this story yesterday, several JMG readers have written to mention having seen the victim’s regular postings in Craigslist’s M4M section. It’s always a good time to review your safety procedures when hooking up with strangers you’ve met online.

UPDATE: I think I’ve found one of Fermaintt’s hookup photos.

UPDATE II: And here’s his MySpace page, where his screen name is Rican2Crave. Judging by his photos and comments calling him “sexy,” Fermaintt is openly gay. Only one of his MySpace friends has weighed in his arrest so far, saying, “Hey Alex…I’m so sorry bout what happened and wish you the best outcome papi. Stay strong and I will pray for you. Love – E.”

UPDATE III: Fermaintt has this one 18-second video posted under his YouTube account.