“Terrorizing” The Ex-Gays

Certified hate group MassResistance is claiming that LGBT activists led by Wayne Besen “terrorized” a meeting of “ex-gay” loonies Exodus International last week at a Boston church. Here’s the video MassResistance made of the protest. Besen’s group had a permit, police were called, no arrests, no citations. No “terrorism”.

RELATED: In November 2007 the teenage daughter of MassResistance founder Amy Contrada came out as a lesbian after her mother picketed her high school’s production of The Laramie Project. The next week good ol’ mom created a full page on the MassResistance site to announce that her daughter was adopted, emotionally unstable, and a “special needs” student. Last year the Southern Poverty Law Center rated MassResistance as a hate group.