GOP Senator Says He Could Support An Openly Gay SCOTUS Nominee

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) could see himself supporting a SCOTUS nominee with “homosexual tendencies” (whatever that means) provided the candidate is properly qualified and doesn’t bring any personal, religious, or moral agenda to the job. Uh, wow?

Peter LaBarbera loses what’s left of his tiny bovine spongiform-addled mind:

Welcome to the new “Sexual Diversity” landscape created by decades of homosexual activism — with its essentially anti-Christian, anti-Biblical ethos. Liberal opinion-making elites like MSNBC’s Mark Halperin below now treat homosexual perversion (oops, sorry, “sexual orientation”) as part of America’s “minority” tapestry — eligible for all the “diversity” demands — read: quotas — of other (genuine) minority groups. Identity politics and affirmative action are bad enough with real minorities; they will become unbearable once expanded to include advocates and practitioners of changeable sexual sin — which is what an open and proudly “gay” Supreme Court justice would be.