About Yesterday

If you visited yesterday’s Carrie Prejean posts you noticed an avalanche of anti-gay trolls as this here website thingy saw about ten times its normal traffic from people Googling variations on “Miss California topless.” Some of the conversation threads no longer “track” because I had to delete and ban so many “your all sick fagets” types of comments. My apologies to loyal JMGers who took on the trolls, but that stuff had to go. I think yesterday I banned more people in one day that in the previous five years of JMG*. However, I will admit taking no small pleasure in wiping out 500-word opuses (that probably took an hour to craft) merely after reading the first few words. “As it says in the Book of Revela..” GONE. Insert Muttley laugh here.

*I did allow some of their ridiculousness to remain if your riposts were especially zingy.