This Week In Holy Crimes

Here’s a brief little recap of what’s going on out there in church land….

Indiana – Pastor Daniel Moore arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor.
Iowa – Pastor James Wiles and wife arrested for financial exploitation and abuse of elderly.
Rwanda – Pastor Steven Gatema arrested for murdering business rival.
Delaware – Pastor Harry Benson arrested for child molestation.
Phoenix – Pastor Charles Carfrey arrested on four counts of sexual assault.
Texas – Pastor Frank Brown arrested on multiple counts of child molestation.
South Carolina – Pastor Christopher Daniels charged with burning down own church and insurance fraud.
Michigan – Father Johnson Pappusamy arrested for sexual assault.
Georgia – Pastor Thomas Thompson arrested for identity theft and fraud.
Florida – Rev. Francis Guinan and Fr. John Skehan convicted for embezzlement.

This week’s winner:
Tennessee – Rev. Henry Lyons went to prison after defrauding the National Baptist Convention of $4M during his reign as their president. He used the money to buy luxury homes, jewelry, and to support his several mistresses. And now that he’s done his time, he wants to be president again.